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xx round in a merry world xx
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xx round in a merry world xx
Welcome to my (naika_90) graphic community; here I'll post all the graphics I made and I'll make in the future. They're/will be based mainly on jrock/jpop groups/solos, since I totally love them XD
Before taking anything, please read the following rules:
· Credit either me or this journal if you take something;
· Don't edit my graphics;
· Please, don't hotlink;
· Every post will stay public for 48 hours; after that period of time, I'll member-lock everything. This is because I wanna know who takes what ~_~''' So, if you like what you see, you can join for updates;
· I don't accept requests -_-''

Some examples of my work:

[they're coming.]

Resources post:
profile codes profile layout layout credit